Swiss Alps

Christine Herring

Landon combines his passion for visual design and product development with his skills in user interface and interaction design to help clients and teams with the creative process. He is committed to developing clear and user friendly flows through web and mobile apps, setting the foundation for a positive user experience. Beyond his professional qualifications, Landon is an engaging and respectful team player who brings both talent and perspective to contribute to outstanding UX design.


Jared Niemiec

Landon is an exceptional team player with deep creative talent. I've had the pleasure of working with him on a variety of projects ranging from branding a menswear clothing line to designing a race team livery; regardless of the size of the challenge, Landon has provided creative solutions not hubris. When our livery project grew in scope and it required Landon to manage contractors, he rose to the challenge and executed on schedule. I would recommend him for any challenging design project, especially in the physical product space.


Scott Lockheart

Landon and I worked together on a user interface project at Keysight Technologies. Although a basic UX process review, Landon provided valuable design input during the project. He worked well within the ID/UX group as well as other members of the R&D lab. I would highly recommend him for creative product and web based user interface design.